Why Should Car Dealers Choose Metadrob’s Immersive Solutions in 2022?


Why Should Car Dealers Choose Metadrob’s Immersive Solutions in 2022?

Are you ready to sell automobiles from your metaverse car showroom? Wondering how’s that possible? What about giving buyers an up-and-close feel of the luxury that they are spending for? And if they asked for test drives? 

The solution to all these lies in the ‘Metaverse’. So keep aside ‘crypto’, as extended reality is the new buzzword of the tech world. Not to exaggerate but the way metaverse is upscaling businesses is exceptional. It’s lightning fast yet measurable.

metadrob's immersive Solutions for Car Dealers

Several questions might be tickling your mind. So read ahead to know how your car business can grow exponentially in the metaverse. Also, find what Metadrob has to offer that you can’t find elsewhere.


Metaverse in Brief

The term came into the limelight after Mark Zuckerberg changed his brand name from Facebook to Meta, spending billions of dollars on creating the immersive world. What initially was considered a gaming platform has tremendously outgrown all expectations of immersive technology. It’s no more limited to a virtual reality platform for technocrats or gamers.

Metaverse is where businesses can create unique and outstanding enterprise solutions. From billion-dollar brands to start-ups, the extended reality is helping them all design and build a robust immersive presence. 

metaverse store creation platform for car retailers

The automobile industry is one of the names that’s rapidly gaining momentum with extended reality solutions. From Ferrari to Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, and Nissan, almost all premier and luxury car brands have already marked their presence in the metaverse. Many of them even have their metaverse.

It is not limited to the automotive tycoons. Car dealers are also gaining huge by choosing metaverse car showrooms.  

Virtual car showrooms offer exceptional benefits for car dealers. Built-in the metaverse, these immersive retail outlets offer outstanding options to your customers to explore, compare and visualize different models before making a purchase. Buyers can look around for thousands of models, virtually experience the steering wheel, and even try a virtual test drive. 


When you choose to open a store in the metaverse, you have the following advantages:-

  • Savings by eliminating the need for a large staff, infrastructure maintenance, and others.
  • No more high setup and running costs.
  • No poor analytics
  • Higher customer experience
  • Increased footfall
  • Impressive visualization of each model with detailed information displayed by a virtual avatar


Metadrob’s Metaverse

If you are a car retailer puzzled about how to take your store to an immersive world without bothering about development and maintenance, we have the answer.

Metadrob is the world’s first no-code metaverse store creation platform for retailers. You need no understanding of any programming language or codes to create a store at Metadrob. 

Metaverse Car Showroom for Car Dealers in Metadrob

You read that right. NO CODING is needed!

Built in Web 3.0 technologies, Metadrob offers immense possibilities to grow your business, make more profits, save on inventory, store infrastructure, and more.

The process is simple and requires only an hour to create your store that’s fully customized to your requirements. 

  • Offering deeper and more immersive customer engagement
  • Closer integration and seamless collaboration throughout the supply chain
  • Shorter purchase cycles, higher quality, and improved presence


More benefits of Metadrob

  • 24×7 availability with high session time
  • Featured area for new or most popular models
  • Create virtual sales avatar
  • Low setup cost
  • In-home customer experience
  • Higher cyber security
  • 3D view of car exterior and interior
  • Worldwide reach and better conversion rate



Metaverse automobile stores are the future that’s already started shaping up. It is the perfect time for retailers to jump on the bandwagon of extended reality to leverage maximum. We are specialists offering next-level solutions to retailers across the globe. Contact us for your queries. 


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