Why do e-Commerce businesses need virtual stores?

Why do e-Commerce businesses need virtual stores?


Digital transformation has levelled up the e-commerce industry, changed consumer shopping preferences, and evolved the methods of brand engagement. Online shopping involves personalization, visualization, operational excellence, and borderless e-commerce.  The pandemic is one of the significant factors in speeding up the global ecommerce years ahead. The online retail market value exceeded $10 trillion in 2020. China was the ecommerce leader with over 52% growth, countries like the USA, the UK, South Korea, Canada, and Singapore have also seen exponential growth in online retail.  Companies redesigned marketing strategies and operations to bring more customers online.

They realized that consumers had evolved faster than expected. Organizations must be vigilant in adopting high-tech solutions to meet their expectations.That’s when they moved from traditional e-commerce websites to immersive virtual stores, showrooms, and the metaverse.Despite knowing that virtual stores are the need of the hour, many retailers are reluctant to adopt digital transformation. If you are one of those who wonder why your e-commerce business requires a virtual presence, then continue reading.


It’s essential for the Customer First Approach.

Studies reveal that 66% of customers expect businesses to understand their expectations and requirements. Consumers want a high level of personalization, omnichannel experience, and data security.

* Personalization & Safety

Over 86% of shoppers wish e-retailers to be transparent when asking for personal information. They expect empathetic and digital-first understanding from businesses to stay connected 24×7.

Safe & Transparent Shopping Experience with Virtual Stores


Brands and retailers who shift to virtual stores have the upper hand in customer engagement. The immersive environment of these new-edge online stores offers consumers a high-tech, personalized, real-like feel. They can use Virtual Try-on to experience the products, walk around the virtual store using the 360-degree viewing feature and browse products the way they check in a physical store.

* Increase Engagement

Retail gamification is another exciting feature of these virtual stores that instantly increases engagement. Playing a game in the store increases the session time, educates users about the products, and impacts long-lasting brand recall. Insufficient expertise in data analytics, misaligned designs of traditional e-commerce websites, and disorientation of critical technologies are a few reasons that pull back retailers. With Metadrob virtual stores, organizations can easily cover these gaps and accelerate their global online growth. Our virtual stores are web and metaverse compatible and can be accessed 24×7 from anywhere in the world. That makes offering customers a seamless omnichannel experience easy.

It’s Vital for Operational Excellence.

* Operational Challenges

One of the issues that e-retailers faced during the pandemic was misaligned operations. The traditional websites were not developed to take up the sudden flow of customers.Operational Challenges for e-retailers

Retailers faced problems managing inventory, fulfilling orders, handling customer queries, and managing visibility across channels. Most businesses neither had the perfectly operational infrastructure nor the trained staff. They lack in marketing and sales due to operational pitfalls.

* Effective Solution

The virtual stores created with Metadrob can significantly increase operational excellence by streamlining processes. Retailers don’t need any team to operate the online store.

They can design, build and manage the store all by themselves. Our SaaS-based platform requires no code. You can choose from 1000+ layouts, drag and drop elements across the store, and upload products for a fully customized store. The content library offers unique and required features to play around with different concepts. Create your own in-store look, manage inventory, customer transactions, purchases, and more in just a few clicks.  Create a sales avatar to offer customers a personalized, informed, and real-like shopping experience. When you have a robust framework, you can better respond to consumers.

Retail Gamification for higher customer engagement


It’s excellent for Branding and Marketing.

* Irrelevant Strategies

Retailers worldwide suffer a lot from lousy branding and marketing strategies. However, the lack of skills compels them to continue with whatever little they have.

Like the development, marketing an online ecommerce store also consumes plenty of funds.  It cuts the profits and increases the business maintenance and expansion cost. As global commerce is beyond borders, more investment would require to reach the global audience.

* Make Impactful Plans

With Metadrob’s virtual store, retailers can create informed, realistic, and data-driven marketing strategies. They can examine consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations using the analytical dashboard.  3D product images, feature areas, and other elements can be used generously for branding and marketing.

Branding & Marketing Strategies with Virtual Stores



E-commerce businesses must move to virtual stores for streamlined operations and engaging branding to attract more customers. Keeping the customer’s expectations at the core of every planning, you can create your own virtual store with Metadrob’s first-of-its-kind SaaS-based virtual platform.

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