Traditional eCommerce building platforms vs. Metadrob

Traditional eCommerce building platforms vs. Metadrob


Is your retail business affected by changing shopping patterns? Do you want an unconventional and scalable solution for your business? Get a manageable, easy-to-upgrade, and flexible solution with Metadrob. Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of shopping. The eCommerce retail business is accelerating and transforming.Select the right platform for an inviting, efficient, reliable, and user-friendly online presence.Here are why Software as a Service (SaaS) based Metadrob virtual stores take over the traditional eCommerce websites.

Traditional eCommerce Websites

These are the typical websites built on open-source platforms such as OpenCart, Magento, and WooCommerce.

You need a professional team of developers and designers for an eCommerce website. They work on

  • the functionality and design of the website
  • Create a custom inventory management system
  • Provides a dedicated backend where they can make changes
  • A highly functional and visually appealing website will have complex code

You will have a unique online store to upload large inventory, add a payment option and start selling.

But it has its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of traditional eCommerce websites

No Update

You can’t update it yourself. Customer preferences change swiftly, and so does technology. Your website needs constant alterations to meet the demand.

Expensive Designing

The products will be explicit photos. If you want to show a 360-degree view, create a video.

Only a skilled designer can create a responsive design layout.

High Marketing Cost

Add the expenses for marketing on various popular platforms. It requires a constant flow of content to bring users to your website.

After all the efforts, you are still not sure of the profits or even sales.

  • What if you get an excellent alternative to a traditional online store at the exact cost? 
  • What if you can surely impress your customers and retain them? 
  • What if your store gives shoppers an immersive experience and helps in marketing?

That’s what Metadrob’s virtual stores are offering now!


Metadrob – SaaS-based Virtual Store Creator

Virtual eCommerce is growing seven times faster than the rest of the industry. This growth is impacted by convenience, omnichannel customer experience improvement, and customer behavior changes. According to a report by Finances Online, nearly 30% of global companies boosted their SaaS spending after the pandemic.

Retailers now want a self-managed online platform to generate more business.

Metadrob is a unique SaaS-based platform offering high-end, scalable, flexible, and low-cost services.

  • The platform is hosted in the cloud, so retailers can scale their businesses without changing the infrastructure.
  • It’s a subscription-based platform with a nominal annual fee. You can start with a lower investment.
  • You can access and customize your Metadrob store from anywhere in the world.
  • Change the layout, design, feature, and functionality.

METADROB – Saas-based virtual store creator

Metadrob Makes Integration and Implementation Faster

Unlike traditional eCommerce, Metadrob’s virtual store creation, integration, and implementation are fast and more scalable.

It’s a Web 3.0-enabled, cloud-based service provider.

Here you don’t need to deploy multiple web servers, keep database schemas at point, or even worried about speed, up-time, or load balancing.

Metadrob store is web and metaverse compatible. Your enterprise eCommerce platform will have extensions and add-ons to quickly connect with other SaaS applications.



Metadrob Provides Better ROI

No more upfront costs on hardware and licenses for on-premise projects. Metadrob offers a lightweight, point-and-click configuration with no customization cost.

The drag-and-drop feature allows retailers to create and upload products without technical help. This makes platform adoption more accessible and faster.

Metadrob Helps Drive Business

Will you focus on server maintenance software upgrades or Data Security Standards? Or will you emphasize operational efficiency, retail innovation, and delighting customer experience?

With Metadrob’s enterprise-level virtual store solution, you don’t have to manage the eCommerce infrastructure. Focus on scaling business.

Metadrob Helps during Peak Sales Period

The peak sales period is when you get the maximum sales in a year. Depending on your product or service, it can be the Holiday season, autumn, or spring.

It would help if you scaled your store to the level where your response time is in milliseconds. Your customers feel delighted to get personal attention during the most chaotic time of the year.

That’s what Metadrob does for you—offering high-speed, virtual sales representatives and to-the-point information.


With so many benefits, Metadrob offers ease of use and excellent customer support. It’s easy to make your virtual store with Metdrob and start selling online.

You can give customers a highly immersive shopping experience for no extra cost. Moreover, you can use it as your marketing material and promote your store without burning your pocket.

This unique SaaS platform offers an early-bird offer to the first 10,000 registrations.

If you want to boost your business but don’t want to burden yourself with the liabilities of a traditional eCommerce platform, choose Metadrob. Register now for Free!


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