How essential is a product demonstration for your ecommerce store?

How essential is a product demonstration for your e-commerce store?

Physical retail allows people to experience and feel the products in real time. It offers an authentic, personal feel and lets customers immerse into the environment and enjoy the products available at arm’s length. Most customers like to try a product before they buy. They also need a constant flow of information in real-time.


Then why is virtual retail skyrocketing?

Physical stores are niche specific. They have limited inventory and are confined to a geographical location. These limitations left consumers with minimal choices. Thus, it made way for the growth of online retail.

Global e-retail growth in 2021 was more than 12%, with worldwide online sales of nearly $5.2 trillion.

Imagine, E-commerce has been around for a very long time. It started with Phil Brandenberger, who purchased the first online product – a studio album from Sting in the 1990s.

Virtual Retail Growth

In twenty-eight years, online e-commerce has been integral to every consumer’s life. It has captured the retail market and growing at a lightning-fast speed.

The pandemic has also accelerated the growth of online shopping. The worldwide lockdown paved the way for advanced technological development, application, and acceptance.

Product Demonstration is Important, but WHY?

One of the many aspects of the growing popularity of e-retail is the more immersive product demonstration and experience.

We now have more engaging ways to present a product. Demo videos, 3D product views, and virtual try-on are promising enough to attract customers.

Product Demonstration for eCommerce Store

  • Visualization is considered the #1 form of product explanation.
  • The importance of product demos is evident: over 50% of retailers and marketers invest in some product visualization.
  • 92% of marketers consider visual content as the most potent part of their marketing strategy.
  • Almost 71% of shoppers prefer video over other marketing content.
  • 73% of visitors who watch a demo video or visit a virtual store make a purchase.
  • The informative videos and virtual try-on feature help more than 55% of consumers deciding a purchase.

Consumer preference and buying behavior clarifies the importance of high-quality product demonstration.

Simulate Interest

A product video, a virtual try-on app, a 3D virtual store, or any product display offers excellent visual support. Shoppers like to fully grasp the value and potential of the product they would buy. With a virtual try-on in your virtual store, consumers can see and feel the effect more than just listening or reading a sales pitch.

Providing Ownership Feel

A product visualization immediately connects the customer with the brand.

It gives a sense of ownership and psychologically intensifies the decision process. The demo method can be different for different industries.

For example, if you are a retailer selling apparel or shoes, provide your consumers with an elegant virtual try-on solution. When they see how the product would look on them, they will buy it promptly.

An automobile dealer can offer a virtual test drive, while a furniture seller can provide a virtual try-out feature for customers to let them visualize an item in their homes.

Create Authenticity

Retailers always praise their products and services. However, buyers have a built-in distrust. It gets intense in the case of online shopping. Most shoppers look for plenty of reviews, and high ratings, cross-check the seller profile on Google, and try other ways to ensure they are buying the right thing.

They will be convinced when you let them experience the product virtually, provide real-time information, and offer them enough proof of quality and service.

Highlights Features

There is nothing better than experiencing a product yourself. There needs to be more than a test drive before buying a car. You must show other promising features that keep your product ahead of its competitors. The same is true with a new clothing line, fashion items, an enthralling jewelry collection, or any item.

Virtual stores perfectly highlight key features and benefits in the most compelling and real-like manner. Your virtual showroom will display the product in a 3D view.

It will allow buyers to visualize the product from every angle. You can highlight every detail to ensure the sale is concrete and impressive.

Saves Time and Overhead Expenses

With a sales avatar available 24×7 in the virtual world, you can save plenty of additional expenses and time. You don’t have to maintain a physical store, higher a sales representative, or stock a large inventory. Your virtual store can cater to global customers.

Real-time Analytics

Your virtual store gives you access to real-time data and more accurately analyze it. It will show you what your customers like more, their buying behavior, how they are experiencing the products, and how much sales you are getting at the end.

Virtual Stores – Revolutionizing Product Demonstration

The retailer had to create expensive product demo videos to impress customers. They had to plan the video and sometimes get the video shoot or otherwise animated to create a compelling and visually pleasing product explainer.

One of the drawbacks of these videos is that they fade away with time. The context change rapidly, the quality of videos gets bland, and they need to do more justice to the brand recall.

How Virtual Try-on Improve the Retail Experience?

More retailers and brands are moving online to provide customers with a holistic user experience on their digital channels.

Technology advancements are transforming the way online retail is done. It’s the mixed reality era. Customers have already raised the expectation bar, and now retailers are adopting new ways to deliver shopping excellence.

Virtual Try-on

One of the most promising product demonstration options in recent times is the virtual try-on. It’s incredible to experience any product, from clothes to jewelry, makeup, watches, shoes, and glasses, in the digital environment.

It helps customers make faster buying decisions when shopping online. Knowing how the product looks or fits, customers feel relaxed and quickly decide to purchase the item.

As they are satisfied with their purchase, the chances of product return also reduce drastically. This digitalized real-time shopping can also involve family and friends for better opinions and recommendations.

Besides being a great help for shopping enthusiasts, it’s also a valuable source of information to understand customer behavior and plan marketing strategies accordingly.

For example, you can track which product is in demand. Compare the analytics from different geo-locations to provide the best service to shoppers from all areas and ages.

Why should Retailers Get Customized Virtual Stores?

Virtual e-commerce stores are tremendous in showing products in the most realistic manner possible. They are the future of online shopping and are constantly evolving.

So when you choose to have your virtual store at platforms like Metadrob, you can remain ahead of time.

The SaaS-based virtual store solution provider is changing the face of virtual shopping. The platform offers two ways to create a virtual store. It allows a No-code option for retailers with unique templates to build their stores on its platform.

Just drag and drop for a fully immersive virtual store where you can showcase your products in an imposing manner.

Customized Virtual Stores

Present items in multiple feature areas or let customers experience them using the virtual try-on. They can select, change and visualize products easily.

Metadrob also offers retailers custom creation alternatives. The company will create your custom store as per your exact specifications. So when you have branding details, rest assured of their iconic visualization.

Much more, from the content library to real-time analysis, high-quality product detailing, retail gamification, and more, can be achieved with Metadrob’s custom virtual store.


Product demonstration is essential to growing your business and generating higher sales. However, it would be best to choose how you want to showcase your products wisely. With a Metadrob Virtual Store, you have plenty of ways to highlight items in the most promising and enticing manner.

You can also enjoy the benefits of no-code store creation, where you can create your virtual store using only the drag-and-drop feature. The store dashboard is also straightforward and allows retailers to manage their stores in just a few clicks.

All you need is to register now and avail the remarkable benefits of a virtual store. Take your business into the future with Metadrob.

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