Benefits of Metadrob Virtual Showrooms over Traditional E-Commerce Stores

Benefits of Metadrob Virtual Showrooms over Traditional E-Commerce Stores

Are you looking to enhance your customers’ online shopping experience? Look no further than the Metadrob Virtual Showroom. This innovative SaaS-based platform with zero coding offers a range of features designed to boost engagement and sales. Here are the top five benefits you can expect if you move your e-commerce store to a Metadrob Virtual Showroom:

Increased Customer Engagement

Did you know that 71% of shoppers prefer to buy from an online platform customized to their preferences? With a Metadrob Virtual Showroom, you can personalize the shopping experience for each customer by showcasing products tailored to their interests and preferences. This level of personalization can significantly increase customer engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Better Product Visualization

Visuals play a vital role in the online shopping experience. Over 75% of customers cite product images as a critical factor in purchasing decisions. The Metadrob Virtual Showroom offers high-quality, real-like 3D product visualization. It allows customers to see products from every angle, giving them a more realistic sense of the product. This feature can lead to increased customer confidence and fewer returns.

Improved Customer Retention

A study by Adobe found that returning customers spend 67% more than new customers. By providing a personalized shopping experience, the Metadrob Virtual Showroom can help improve customer retention rates. Customers are more likely to return to a store that offers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience.

Increased Sales

A Metadrob Virtual Retail Showroom is designed to encourage customer engagement, which can lead to increased sales. The platform’s personalized product recommendations and 3D visualization can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, the platform’s social sharing features allow customers to share their purchases with friends and family, potentially leading to additional sales.

Reduced Product Returns

Returns can be costly for e-commerce businesses, with the average return rate ranging from 15% to 40%. A Metadrob Virtual Showroom’s 3D product visualization can help reduce returns by giving customers a more accurate sense of the product’s size and features. Additionally, the platform’s personalized product recommendations can help customers purchase products that are right for them, reducing the likelihood of returns due to dissatisfaction.


In conclusion, the Metadrob Virtual Showroom offers a range of benefits to retail businesses looking to enhance their customers’ online shopping experience. Companies can boost engagement, improve retention rates, and increase sales by providing personalized recommendations, 3D product visualization, and social sharing features. In addition, the easy-to-use, self-creating, no-code SaaS-based platform takes away the stress of retailers’ life, allowing them to focus on business expansion. The platform’s features can also help reduce returns, saving businesses time and money.

If you are a retailer planning to ‘Level Up’ your business globally, Register with Metadrob today to join this virtual retail revolution.

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